Cal Ripken Baseball

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates to know:
Manager Meeting: 1/9/2020

Draft: 1/11,1/12 & 1/13
Practice: 1/18

Opening Day: 2/15

Rookie States: June 24th to June 28th
Cal Ripken States: July 2nd to July 5th (We are hosting 9,10,11 & 12's) 
World Series: August 7th to August 14th

Q: What do I do if I have a question about Palm Beach Gardens baseball?
A: If you cannot find your answer below, email your question by clicking here.

Q: What are the age divisions?
A: Your child’s age as of April 30. Click here for determination sheet.

  • 4-6 T-ball
  • 7-8 Rookie
  • 9-10 Minor League
  • 11-12 Major League
  • 13-15 Senior

Q: What are the Babe Ruth Boundaries?
A: Our Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Charter restricts us from registering participants from outside our established boundaries. These boundaries are determined by Cal Ripken League and not PBG Baseball.

  • Northern Boundary - Palm Beach / Martin County Line
  • Southern Boundary - Boynton Beach Blvd
  • Eastern Boundary - Atlantic Ocean
  • Western Boundary -Lion Country Safari

Q: When are practices and games?
A: The schedule cannot be determined until sign-ups are complete. When available, we will post them on the website.

Q: How many practices and games will I have per week?
A: Generally, you will have one practice and a game during the week and a game on Saturday.

Q: What happens after I register?
A: Fall season: After teams are put together, you will hear from your coach as to the first practice date. Spring Season: YOUR CHILD MUST ATTEND AN EVALUATION. Please see the evaluation date schedule.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: During the registration period, the non-refundable fees are as follows: $40 cancellation fee, and the $15 YAA Fee. After Registration closes, but before uniforms are ordered, the non-refundable fees are as follows: $40 cancellation fee, $55 non-resident fee (if applicable), and the $15 YAA fee. After Uniforms are ordered, no refunds are given.

Q: If I live in Palm Beach Gardens, am I subject to a Non-Resident fee?
A: Maybe… If you live in “INCORPORATED” Palm Beach Gardens, then you are not subject to a non-resident fee. However, if you live in UN-INCORPORATED Palm Beach Gardens, then you must pay the non-resident fee. You can check to see this on the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers  web site. If your Municipality states “Unincorporated” then you are a non-resident.

Q: What bats are approved for use?
A: The Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. have approved the use of the 2 5/8 inch barrel bats for local league play and tournament play beginning in January 2018 and coinciding with the new USA Bat standard. The bat must have the USA Baseball Stamp. Wood bats are allowed.

13-15 BASEBALL DIVISION: The bat may not exceed 34” in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 5/8” in diameter. All aluminum/alloy barrel bats and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrels are allowed. Only composite barrel bats certified and marked BBCOR .50 will be allowed. Wood barrel bats conforming to the specifications of Official Baseball Rule 1.10 are allowed.

Q: What equipment/uniform items does the League provide as part of my registration fee?
A: Each registered participant receives a uniform that includes a cap, jersey and socks. You will be responsible for pants and an optional belt. T-ball participants receive pants. You will also need to provide your child with a batting helmet (with face mask), fielding glove, bat and cleats. It is strongly advised that your child also wear a protective cup in the Rookie and older leagues.

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