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Dear Volunteer Coaches and Parents,

As part of our player development program please find attached our PBG Soccer online curriculum with username/password for the coaches and parents. I would like all parents to have access to this so you can see your child’s development and also play the games at home!

Together with this tool you will have an improved soccer experience and will follow a pre-set curriculum for our players development and coaches will follow for new games and coaching points.

Additionally the video’s can be accessed on your smart-phone to watch and show the players the games. Its an awesome tool and it works!

Also – below are age specific PDF training sessions that you can also use.

Weekly Activities Ages 5-6
Weekly Activities Ages 7-8
Weekly Activities Ages 9-11
Weekly Activities Ages 12-18
Seasonal Curriculum U6
Seasonal Curriculum U8

* Planning your coaching session has never been so easy

Our on-line curriculum will provide you with a unique coaching tool, allowing you to select exactly what topics you want – fast!

* Speed

See our catolog of activities via our superb ‘thumbnail’ viewer. Select and go within 30 seconds.

* Easy to use

User friendly site, with simple navigation to find what you want without delay.

* It’s your choice

Al-a-Cart menu for the more experienced coach who just wants an activity or idea’s rather than an entire practice.

* Library on demand

Constantly updating our vast catalog. More than 200 activities already available.

* Quick & easy to search what you want

Search by age specific activities. Search by topic – Passing, Control, Goalkeeping etc. Search by activity type – Warm-up with ball, technique under passive pressure, etc. Build your own session plan by selecting your warm-up, and progressive activities.

* Helpful coaching advice

Organization, coaching points and progressions given for each activity.

* Take them with you

Print your activities out and take them to the field. Watch the games on your smart-phone and use the QR-code to scan the game as well!

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